Pericles, March 2000

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Pericles, Prince of Tyre was cast in the fall of 1999, and the players, a diverse group of Shakespeareans consisting of sculptors, poets, high-school students, psychiatrists, computer analysts, and more, began rehearsals in December. Director Ray Sibley had decided to produce this obscure Shakespearean romance in an attempt to expose the community to works of theater that they might not otherwise experience.

The play was presented outside at Hemingbough's amphitheater, in a blustery, beautiful Louisiana spring nightime, and carefully planned by the director to coincide with a full moon. Authentic dancers from Baton Rouge's Middle Eastern Dance Artists company gave the production a sensual, musical quality, and excellent costuming made the play a visual spectacle.

The cast members found the play challenging and invigorating, and the audience found it enthralling.


The Director's Note: "The fortunes of Pericles, as with all men and women, depend entirely on the people he chooses to surround himself with, and on the principles he chooses to uphold. In this story, Shakespeare surrounds Pericles with men and women of many virtues, and vices of every sort. Pericles is tested as the Lord tested Job. We sail the turbulent seas with Pericles and search, as he does, for the often unexpected place where truth resides. The fates, as always, collect their due." R. L. Sibley

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David Carrington as Gower. Gower is a pivotal role in Pericles because he acts as the narrator/chorus for the entire production.

Alan Newman as the treacherous Antiochus.

Carla King, Ray Sibley, and Barton Pitchford pressing the mold for Barton's armor.

Carla carefully overseeing a later step of the armor-making process.

Dave Barnes, as Cerimon, the wise healer.

Practicing the fight scene. In addition to playing the lead, Barton Pitchford, trained in stage combat, correographed the knight's fight scene. From L to R: Mike Ferry, Scott Price, Barton Pichford, Nick Slie

Jay Scott Stanley as king Simonides.

Leah Willis as the pensive Marina.

Simonides carefully questioning Pericles (Barton Pitchford) about matters of truth and honor.