1999 National Poetry Slam

Baton Rouge's first experience with the National Poetry Slam came in 1999, when a group of four poets, a coach, and a supporter/photographer took off for Chicago, Illinois in August. Coached by Ray sibley, the team consisted of Christian Champagne, Clara Connell, Jeremy Garland, and Mike Melancon. Jennifer Larkin (who took all of these pictures) came to lend support to the team. The team started off at Phyllis's on Division Ave. in Chi-town, where, on Wednesday, August 11, they faced off against teams from Vancouver BC, and Woodstock NY. The Baton Rouge team ran a close 2nd, nearly knocking off Vancouver. Thursday, August 12, Team BR squared off against powerhouses Dallas and San Jose at the Subterranean on W. NOrth Ave. (San Jose ended up winning first place at Nationals that year!). Though Baton Rouge's poetic warriors were vanquished, they gave a spirited (and in one case, controversial) performance.
1999 Up

The 1999 Baton Rouge National Poetry Slam Team outside of the Chicago Theater, site of the 1999 National Slam Finals.
1999 team
Chris Champagne runs his riff in Grant Park.
chris practicing
Chris explains the intricacies of New Orleans mayoral politics to a Nat'l Slam crowd.
chris subterranean
Clara gets the crowd going at Phyllis's.
clara phyllisss
Clara doing her stuff for the other team members.
clara practicing
Clara runs Skeeter for a Nat'l Slam audience at the Subterranean.
clara subterranean
Mike and Heather and friend.
Jeremy Garland rocking Phylliss's.
jeremy phyllisss
Jeremy electrifying the crowd at the Subterranean.
jeremy subterranean
Mike rocks the mic at Phyllis's on Divison Ave.
mike phyllisss
Mike practicing - Grant Park, Chicago.
mike practicing
Mike layin' it down for the crowd at The Subterranean.
mike subterranean

1999 Up

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