2000 National Poetry Slam

The Baton Rouge Team

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Baton Rouge's second trip to the National Poetry slam came in the summer of 2000, when 4 poets, a coach, and a supporter took off for Providence RI. The team consisted of Mike Melancon, RC "The Junk Bard Dog" Sanders, Chancelier "Xero" Skidmore, and Ramona Webb. The team was coached by Ray Sibley, and Cheri Cowan provided logistical support, video support, and moral support.

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The 2000 Baton Rouge Team. Clockwise from left: Ramona Webb, RC Sanders, Coach Ray Sibley, Chancelier Skidmore, Mike Melancon (in center).

RC Sanders rehearsing at the Greek Theater.

Ramona Webb in rehearsals.

Chancelier "Xero" Skidmore looking very cool.

Mike Melancon singing opera.

The 2000 Slam Team in prior to the 2nd bout in a bar called Club Fusion in downtown Providence RI.

Cheri Cowen was our support staff, Team Filmmaker, and all around Helpful Individual.

Mona in meditation prior to performing at Club Fusion.

RC performing "Fashion Police" (round 2, Club Fusion)

Mike performing "Ezra Pound in New Orleans" (round 2, Club Fusion).

Xero's performance of "Free Soul" electified the audience (round 2, Club Fusion).

Mona's performance of "Soul Ho" (round 2, Club Fusion) was so good...

...it landed her the top seed going into the Indy Semi-finals.