Baton Rouge Poets take Seattle by storm!

[webmaster's note - Due to some logistical difficulties in Seattle 2001, we are not able to provide photos of the 2001 Slam Team in action. This is a disservice to the team, who gave amazing performances, and deserve better accolades than we have provided here. The webmaster, and Moonlark, apologize to Becky, Chap, RC, and Mona.]

The four poets from M's Cafe will be competing at the following times and venues at the National Poetry Slam in Seattle:

Please join Moonlark in wishing these amazing poets the best in Seattle!

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

10:00pm - at Zasu - RC "The Junk Bard Dog" Sanders

10:00pm - at Doc Maynard's - Ramona Webb

10:00pm - at Boston-Lizard Lounge - Becky Larkin

10:00pm - at Theater Off Jackson - Chap Gary


Thursday, August 2, 2001

8:00pm - at Crocodile - Ramona Webb

8:00pm - at Doc Maynard's - Becky Larkin

8:00pm - at Contour - RC "The JBD" Sanders

10:00pm - at New Orleans (a club in Seattle, btw) - Chap Gary

FRIDAY, August 3, 2001 - Indie Semi-Finals
SATURDAY, August 4, 2001 - 8:00pm - Final Competition