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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, National Poetry Slam Team, 2003

Dorian Hebert
Kate Makkai
Donney Brassco Rose
Karama Sadaka (Alternate)
Ramona Webb
Coach - Chancelier "Xero" Skidmore

- The Baton Rouge Slam Team was not able to compete in this year's National Poetry Slam. Here is the message from team coach Xero Skidmore:
Hey yall, this is xero. I regret to inform you guys that the slam team will not be allowed to compete at nationals. The registration was not done early enough in the year and they were placed on a waiting list. This is not the first time this has happened but it's the first time it kept us from participating in competition. There are always a few teams that register and don't actually show up, but luck was not with us this time. The team is in Chicago performing as "goats" in official slams and participating in various PSI open mics and recreational slams. I would like to note that this year's team is the greatest we've ever put together. They beat the New Orleans team three times in the last three months and New Orleans is up there right now kicking much booty in Chi-town!!! (Congrats to N.O. by the way) The team will be back in town Sunday and telling us all about their adventures in the big city. Let's all root for New Orleans to represent our state as best they can and I'll see yall at Avoyelles wednesday. Peace, poets!

We thank the team and its coach for their tireless efforts to promote poetry and represent our city with dignity and enthusiasm, and we are deeply sorry that they did not get to compete.

Move your mouse over each persons head to see their name. Click here for the 2003 Slam Team photo album, or scroll down for shots of the team members. (Thanks, Xero, for the pics.)

Under the tutelage of Coach Skidmore, Baton Rouge has possibly the finest team of poets it has ever sent to the National Poetry Slam. This is evidenced by their recent victory at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam, where Baton Rouge prevailed against powerhouse teams such as New Orleans, Pensacola, and Norfolk. We are excited to see what these folks can do in Chicago.



The Road to Chicago
Following are the results of the slam team tryouts for 2003:

First Round, April 2, 2003:

The Crazy Man
Mona Webb
Dorian H

Second Round, April 9, 2003:

Kate Makkai
Dawn D'Virtuous
Karama Sadaka
The Junk Bard Dog

Third Round, April 16, 2003:

Donnie Brassco
Tony Hobbs

Photos (clicking a photo will bring you to the album):

Dorian at the Southern Fried in New Orleans

Kate performing in New Orleans.

Donney brings it in NOLA.

Karama stepped in at Southern Fried when Kate was unable to perform (due to a %*&ing technicality!) and rocked the Crescent City!

Coach and true friend to poets, Chancelier Xero Skidmore, who took 4th place in the USA last year at the NPS.

Poetess queen of the River City, Ramona Webb.

Karama Xero Donney Dorian Mona Kate